Monthly Archives: December 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve!

As I was just rounding up the past calendar year, twenty-twelve, I found out that I never published my highlights of ‘11, even though I had planned to. I first did this for ’10 and I was thinking of making it a tradition. For personal sentimental reasons only, really. So I’ve decided to end this […]

Born Free in Salisbury

It was a lovely evening in November. The sky looked beautiful in purple by the time I walked out of the restaurant and onto the City Hall in Salisbury, for the Born Free gig Brian and Kerry were doing. It would be their second last night. I was only going to see this one, although […]

Stonehenge and Salisbury

Brian May and Kerry Ellis announced a few tour dates to raise awareness of the Born Free foundation and I quickly concluded I could do with a little break like this. So I checked which of their dates happened at a weekend, followed by looking up where exactly Salisbury is. At this point I didn’t […]

My 20×20 seconds of fame, on film

Here are both the presentations I recently did for Pecha Kecha, one in Liège and one in Maastricht. The videos show the whole presentation: 20 slides, with 20 seconds for each slide. It’s basically the same story, so seen one, seen them both. But there you have it… whaddayathink?   

PK Maastricht

After telling the story of my famous discovery for ‘Pecha Kucha 043’ in Liège, I didn’t think they would still want me in their line up a month later in Maastricht, but I got an e-mail saying they did! There would be a whole new audience anyway and apparently they liked my talk. In the […]