Monthly Archives: January 2013

Off to Space-tacular!

This is a last reminder of the West End show I’ll be part of this Sunday in London. It’s Helen Keen’s Spacetacular! And I’ve been told there’s a great line-up. You can get the last tickets from the Leicester Square Theatre website with a discount, using the code ‘cosmos’.  So, Sunday (tomorrow!) evening, 27 January, […]

Snapshot Serengeti

“Nááááánts ingonyamááá…” I always loved the Lion King and that Circle of Life intro is probably the best start to a film ever, if you ask me. That line they keep singing means so much as ‘here comes a lion’, I’ve been told, and there are a few lions coming your way indeed. A couple […]

Student’s Art

One of my excellent students, Kiki Rompen (second year Dutch class), has made this drawing of me, for me. Very striking eh?! I promised to show her talent to the world, via this medium, as obviously I’m a proud teacher. We’re also going to present her creativity and that of others – students and colleagues […]

Good news

This is a happy-bunny blog. Just thought I’d tell you straight away. If you know me, you know why I label myself an obsessive optimist. Glasses are full. But why dedicate this blog to it? Well it’s 2013 (lucky ’13) and people around me are using this moment to start afresh, creative and positive. I […]

Helen Keen’s Spacetacular! Line-Up Announced!

I’ve reblogged this from the Londonist, to announce I will be joining Helen Keen on this show! Read below what/how/who/why and where to get your tickets. See you there? 😉   On 27 January, we’re putting on our first ever West End show, bringing a very different kind of star to Leicester Square Theatre. Helen […]